Times Tumblr Raised Serious Questions About “Harry Potter”


Honestly? The ‘handwriting bit’ always pisses me off. And you know why?
Because my handwriting changed SO MUCH over the past years, that there are huge differences between my writing at 16 and at 30.

I changed my ‘T’s and ‘S’s, when Chamber of Secrets (the movie) came out, bcause I loved ‘Toms’ handwriting. I changed my ‘G’s and ‘D’s when I discovered Tolkiens Tengwar and I changed my ‘L’s when I fell in love with Empress Elisabeth of Austria.

And now tell me again that Harry is an Idiot for not being a handwriting expert.

Most of all since Snape probably changed his handwriting over time because some of his classmates told him he has a ‘girly handwriting’.

And about the Liquid Luck Thing… WELL! You try brewing a potion that takes 6 months to make, is fucking difficult and complicated AND can kill you if done wrong, just to find out that sometimes luck simply doesn’t cover it.


venetianvenus asked:

}{ Do you ever feel that Benji and Sybelle are supposed to be some form of reminder of Armand and Bianca? Though I find the two kids quite useless and without real meaning (I don't like them). But Sybelle reminds me of Bianca, and Benji a bit of Amadeo. It just seems like to me that Anne wanted to have something like what Biana and Amadeo had and created these two.

amadeo-child-of-the-renaissance answered:

//That didn’t happen. Lalalalalalalalalalalala-

Honestly- for me, everything that happened after Book 3 is erased from my memory and I’d like for it to stay like that. I basically live of headcanons, because I really can’t accept what Anne Rice did to her characters during the Chronicles (too much inconsistency for my taste and the making of Benji and Sybelle is amongst the biggest… Marius himself complained at one point that it was a huge mistake of his to turn Armand at such a young age (14, not 17- just another thing the author changed) and Marius also said that they shouldn’t make other vampires… BAM Benji and Sybelle! There is just no excuse for that. Also: remember how scared David was that Marius was going to kill him, simply because Lestat had turned him after Marius said it was forbidden? That happened before Benji and Sybelle).

For me these two can take a stroll in the sunlight- I wouldn’t mind.
I don’t think Benji and Sybelle are anything like Amadeo and Bianca.

Sorry for the rant ^^°

Yes to all of the above.