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Posted 2 months ago

me as Princess Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie of Bavaria (not married yet ^.~)

This time the eve-of-wedding-Party Dress. I don’t think anyone has ever done this, so I don’t habe to let myself be compared to anyone XD

Posted 4 months ago


I made this cosplay rather spontaniously in just a day or two back in 2012. Sadly I never got to have Pictures with the Katan-cosplayer I made it for. And then I went and picked July 2013 for a Shooting XD It was HOT! But now this costume can rest in peace…

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Posted 4 months ago

Me as Loki as Captain Steve Rogers

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This Picture was taken at Connichi 2012 in Kassel. It was HOT! But still so much fun. <3 I only have a few Pictures of this cosplay that I really like, despite all the effort I put into making this Outfit. And THIS is my absolute favourite. (\^O^/)

The idea for this photo is shamelessly stolen from this sketch-dump by Phobs.

Posted 4 months ago

Nicolas de Lenfent

I love the Vampire Chronicles and my absolute favourite is, has always been and will always be Nicki.

I know my hair is not curly enough on this Picture, but it had been a long day and my curls had faded a bit. Still, this is my favourite Picture of my red Velvet coat. The embroidery has been done by Hand and it was my ‘first time’ too. Sadly, I cannot Play the violin… but I love it anyway. ^.^

Posted 4 months ago

Again Elisabeth, this time the Star Dress…

I am not overly fond of it, to be honest. Maybe because it has been done so many times already and very good as well….

BUT my stars are handpainted XD And the all have a Little golden  rhinestone star in the middle.

Posted 4 months ago

Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie, Kaiserin von Österreich-Ungarn

Yo, full Picture of my coronation gown. It still fits me, believe it or not. I tried it on today while cleaning my cosplay-closet XD

Posted 4 months ago

Me as Empress Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie of Austria-Hungary in her hungarian coronation gown. You can’t see much of the dress, but I love that picture.